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More than a decade ago Sifu Eleonora discovered a beautiful piece of land in Udine, Italy. At the time it was part of an estate used as a fruit orchard. Sifu asked the owner if she would consider selling off this portion of her land. And this is where it started, vague dreams of building a training centrum. At the time the owner wasn’t sure and there was a lot of talk about maybe and eventually.

Decades passed and Sifu had somewhat given up on the idea. Then a few years ago the subject came up again. This time with the children of the original owners, ‘eventually’ had finally come.

And so the dream now slowly becomes reality. A centre for traditional chinese sports. Including Kung Fu, Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation and any other styles practiced for their health benefits.  The centre will have indoor as well as outdoor training facilities, sleeping and eating facilities. Space to move and relax away from the city. Here would be a place where  people can spend a few days in intensive training, concentrating on personal development without the need to worry about daily obligations.

We are Kungfucamp, based in Italy and Europe’s largest martial arts playground. We are opening in 2021 and welcome you to our fields for training, meditation and be part of the international martial arts community . 
Our focus is on traditional kungfu and will promote both Shaolin training and all variations from Cangzhou Wushu. This includes Shui Jiao, Miao Dao. Furthermore we will base HQ of the Dao YangSheng Gong Europe. 
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Lizzy Ansinghstraat 88

1072 RD Amsterdam

Phone:  +31 20 

+31 20 676 1238


Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00

Saturday: 11:00 – 17:00

Sunday: Closed

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We all understand physical training and physical wellbeing. At the Academy we will also bring spiritual knowledge as found in the teachings of Daoism, living in harmony with the laws of nature; of Buddhism, a spiritual path to learn to overcome your own suffering and raise up the spirit, and the teachings of Confucius, focusing on the importance of personal ethics and morality, respect, friendship and family values. Want to know more?