Cangzhou wushu

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Cangzhou Qunying Wushu was founded by master Tian Xiufeng in 2008. The team has dozens of martial arts inheritors and martial arts world champions and national champions in Cangzhou City. The mission is to promote Chinese martial arts and inherit Chinese culture to the world. Cangzhou Qunying Wushu has established the European headquarters and Russian headquarters of the Cangzhou Qunying Wushu Training base in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Russia. It held two consecutive “Cangzhou Qunying International National Wushu” martial arts competitions in Udine, Italy, and two Cangzhou Qunying International Kungfu Competition “Raptors Crossing the River Cup” held in Russia and the Netherlands. The goal is to make Cangzhou a holy place for traditional martial arts culture in the world, truly industrialize martial arts culture.

Miao dao
Master Tian Xiufeng
Cangzhou Wushu
Sifu eleonora
Master Henny Eleonora